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22.04.2012 | design village

Cappellini, Cassina and Poltrona Frau inhabited the Fondazione Pomodoro during the Design Week.  A fair depandance where objects and settings stuffed the same spaces that in november we visited completly empty. The Design Village has been hosted from the 17th to the … Continue reading

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08.03.2012 | metadesign and reality

Some students of the course have the opportunity to explain thier design to Carlotta Montebello, coordinator of Fondazione Pomodoro, to discuss with her the strategy they developed for the new interiors. Utopia of metadesign meets the reality. Alcuni studenti del … Continue reading

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21.02.2012 | new spaces for Fondazione Pomodoro

The 21st of February has been the last day of laboratorio di Metaprogetto and  the maquettes of the Fondazione have been filled with the design of the second year students’ work. Here a synthesis of the book explaining the design process of the new inside spaces:co-working, … Continue reading

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21.02.2012 | gallery final exam

This gallery contains 11 photos.

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21.02.2012 | maquette final exam

This gallery contains 20 photos.

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21.02.2012 | an IDEAstore for Fondazione Pomodoro

The 22nd of February the metadsign lab has finished; the student did a public presentation about their design for an  IDEAstore into Fondazione Pomodoro. The theme is very complex and the results appealing: we’ve seen the Fondazione being transformed into … Continue reading

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22.02.2012 | final exam

Final Examination will start at 10.30 am;  please be sure to be in the class at 9.30 to get organized with the materials to be exhibited. Every group will have: – 1 A4 printed book – cd with digital book … Continue reading

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10.02.2012 | format final book

Here to download the format for the final book. For the final examination of the 22nd of Febrarry, each group will have to handle in: – printed A4 book with metallic binding – 1maquette for each group component – cd or … Continue reading

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15.02.2012 | review

Wednsady’s reviews will be held in ct 48 from 10.30 am. Le revisioni di mercoledí si svolgeranno in aula ct 48 a partire dalle h 10.30.

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01.02.2012 | agenda

MEMO: > [h 9.30] for the final presentation each group has to handle in: – folder named “111221-group 00_final presentation″ containing: . package  indesign . pdf for video > [h 9.30] per la presentazione finale ogni gruppo deve consegnare: – cartella nominata “111221-gruppo … Continue reading

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