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05.06.2014 | MuMi_store is on the way

MuMi_store projects, with a month to go for the final presentation, are looking pretty interesting. The synergy between the adaptive re-use of the unused Milanese newstand and the new volume has been approached with different solutions. Strategy and site specific/site … Continue reading

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Welcome to the MuMI_Store kickoff!

This week we have introduced the MuMI_Store at the students of the Master  IDEA in Exhibition Design – Architettura dell’esporre Here you can download the brief and the drawings of the newsstand

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14-18.04.2014 | EMDM april 2014

#retaildesign intense week for #EMDM@POLI_design

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free market(s)

Qualche anno fa, complice il prof. Crespi, squadre di studenti si sono misurati con un tema che era stato proposto dall’assessore alle attività produttive del tempo. La questione, quasi più una domanda che un brief di progetto, verteva sulla necessità … Continue reading

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23.09.2013|Retail(e)scape @ EMDM for all the week

For the whole week will be busy in shopping around exploring the #retail(e)scape of the past & future with #practiceofconsumption and #spacesforgoods, listing the ingredients needed for the best retail recipes, walking around in 4 #retailtour. See you around!

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14.09.2013 | the warm-up has begun

The team of the Politecnico di Milano, who will participate in the Retail Future Challenge as Italian representative, has started the warm-up to participate in the competition. Yesterday we went to visit the shop that we have chosen as starting … Continue reading

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04.09.2013 | Retail Future Challenge…here we are!

After a two stage selection process, we finally have  the super team that will be travelling to Paris to compete for the Retail Future Challenge Students Competition It’s with great pleasure that we introduce the 4 experts of the Italian’s Team for … Continue reading

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Retail Futures Challenge STAGE 3 IS OVER!

Tomorrow the 9 retailfutures experts will present their proposal  at POPAI and find out who are the 4 that, in October, will leave for Paris to represent the Politecnico to the Word Retail Congress. We can’t wait to find out who will be and what’s … Continue reading

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17.07.2013 | first selection

The first stage of selection for Retail Futures Challenge is over. Here are the names of the 9 Retail Futures experts selected for Stage 3: Flavia Chiavaroli Antonio Lancelotti Chiara Leonardi Ilenia Martino Alessandra Mazzari Ninlika Pattaravorakun Martina Panzeri Alberto Re Maria … Continue reading

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10.07.2013 | retail lecture + safari @ design.IT

TEKO summer course @ Scuola del Design – Politecnico di Milano proff. Beltran Berrocal + Signe Mørk Madsen

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