05.06.2014 | MuMi_store is on the way

MuMi_store projects, with a month to go for the final presentation, are looking pretty interesting.

The synergy between the adaptive re-use of the unused Milanese newstand and the new volume has been approached with different solutions.

Strategy and site specific/site generic issue have been faced leading to different design attitudes addressed to the specific museum target.

MUBA, the brand new Milanese children museum, will have two MUMI_store(s), one in Parco Sempione designed by Dario Apreda and Rocio Carranza Ugaz, focused on the relationship with nature and another one in Giardini Indro Montanelli, designed by Bryant Arteaga Vazquez Dick, Monica Debnath and Federica Villa  that, inspired by the Munari method, will develop the concept of explore by doing.

For the aristocratic Gallerie d’Italia, Martina Canizzo,Nicholas Gnani  and Silvia Pagani together with Alessandro Gamarino and Daniele Lo Re are drawing a common visual link that will develop in two different projects, one in Piazza Santa Francesca Romana and in Piazza Gae Alulenti to better represent the to connected but different souls of the Gallerie.

The two MuMi_store(s) della Triennale deal with the hidden plus that Triennale can offer, behind the museum’ role. For the Stazione Centrale, Silvia Liuzzo and Marcela Munoz Aguilar are thinking about the idea of shared conviviality while Camila Pansonato and Fernanda Pedreira Motta de C., in Zona Tortona, are proposing a design aperitivo where the traditional Italian drinking time meets the design.

Brera, one of the most important Italian museums, is presented in Sant’Ambrogio by Hernan Pitto Bellocchio and Wijanee Sendang as a cultural hub full of different initiatives.




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