10.07.2014 | MuMI_store well done!

MuMi_Store a place for promote and spread culture and  economically support museums.

This is the topic of the Workshop Retail of the 7th edition of the Master  IDEA in Exhibition Design – Architettura dell’esporre that has been presented last week.

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Each group has a specific blog where you can explore the projects in detail.

MUBAplaystore  inside the Parco Sempione for the MUBA museum by Dario Apreda and Rocio Carranza is a mix in between a little store and a playground: with a little seed found in an ice-cream you can build a relationship in between the MUMI_store and the MUBA museum.




MUbook the MuMI_store inside the Giardini Pubblici Indro Montanelli for the MUBA museum designed by Federica Villa, Monica Niloy Debnath and Bryant Arteaga, is an attraction hub with a visual appeal and a cultural heart


LIVE DESIGN by Camila Pansonato and Fernanda Motta is
MuMI_store to be placed inside at Zona Tortona for the Triennale museum. At the edge of the Designer’s area is divided in two different spaces, to drink and to buy with a connecting lobby space.


Tfriends by Silvia Liuzzo and Marcela Munoz is the
MuMI_store placed at Stazione Centrale in the covered Galleria delle Carrozze for the Triennale museum. An open usable and walkable space to present Milano and the Triennale hidden spaces and services.


Le Gallerie svelate by Martina Cannizzo, Nicholas Gnani, Silvia Pagani
is one of the two MuMI_store for the Gallerie d’Italia museum, placed in the Porta Venezia area. The concept of the bank vault has been translated with the interior volume of the design solution that hides the contents.


G d’I Store by Alessandro Gamarino and Daniele Lo Re is the other version of the
MuMI_store for the Gallerie d’Italia museum thought for Piazza Gae Aulenti. The idea is to have a permanent passage trough the museum’s beauties with a strong communicative appeal.


LA edicola by Hernan Pitto e Jin Geen Gina is a MuMI_store located in at Sant’Ambrogio for the Brera museum. A dynamic space able to be transformed to present an ever changing museum’ experience.


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