17.07.2013 | first selection

130626-stage3_cartolina copyThe first stage of selection for Retail Futures Challenge is over.
Here are the names of the 9 Retail Futures experts selected for Stage 3:

Flavia Chiavaroli
Antonio Lancelotti
Chiara Leonardi
Ilenia Martino
Alessandra Mazzari
Ninlika Pattaravorakun
Martina Panzeri
Alberto Re
Maria Teresa Reccia

For Stage 3 each student will have to select a store-based retail concept (selling direct to consumers) that is currently trading in Milano. This concept should be selected because you believe it to be strong, possessing a good competitive edge and having a long term potential; it must be currently not operating internationally.

Thanks to all the students who have sent their application, we hope that there will be other opportunities to work together.

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