Practice of Consumption and Spaces for Goods out now!

cover practice of consumption

It’s finally ready the book that collects my research on the spaces of commerce. 

It’s an e-book that capitalize on the numerous images that we can all find on web through links spread in the reflowable text.

buy kindle edition in € here and in $ here

if you want an .epub (apple family, andriod, kobo, sony,…) find it here

The change in the significance of goods is a process which has triggered far-reaching changes in society as the term has lost any meaning in relation to its purely functional character and increasingly come to represent symbolic and cultural contents.

The practice of consumption seems today to be one of the distinctive features by means of which we can describe the social, political and economic phenomenologies which, for better or worse, influence our lives.

What becomes increasingly evident and necessary is the role of design culture as a structure for the coordination of the networks of knowledge, to interpret the world of things and design in order to influence behaviours, in the final analysis, bringing about the rise of new economies.

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