busy days|(nearly) ready to go

Starting tomorrow LA.BO.works will be very busy  being involved in many exciting new projects.

The MetaDesign Course will deal with an historical area of Milano that in the last years has been forsaken, waiting for a new project and visions that the young designers will foresee.

I Magazzini Raccordati (literally connected warehouses) will be re-designed with the tag #magazziniricordati  (literally remebrance warehouses) and the concept of the #memorystore will be the metaphor of the new relationship between the place and the users.

The first day will be on site, meeting all the players to better understand places, people and strategies. Among others IrmaSurico and Nino Strada for 4 Tunnel, Angelo Cappellina and Donatella Ronchi for F.A.S., Gianni Banfi, the historian that has deeply studied the area, Franco Beccari president of the milanese Legambiente associations, Antonio Felline the barber-photographer and two representative of local retail.

#magazziniricordati #memorystore
Francesca Murialdo, Roberta Tassi, tutors Mario Abruzzese, Cristina Foglia

141004-brief cover

#UrbanReset is the Final Studio of the Msc in Interior Design where an international  team will observe an discuss on use and consume of the spread city to evaluate strategy and design actions. The Tombon de San Marc, is a physical and conceptual border in between the historical and the newy transformed city.

Giovanna Piccinno, Francesca Murialdo, Mark Pimlott (TU Delft), Alberto Perdomi, tutors Francesca Avian, Cristina Foglia, Luca Gadaleta, Cristina Zambonini


From 6th to 9th October we’ll be drifting for the Executive Master Ddesign Management with our programme on Retail‬(e)scape organized by POLI.design, MIP Politecnico di Milano and Tongji University.
#EMDM #practiceofconsumption #spaces for goods
Francesca Murialdo, tutor Cristina Foglia



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