22.10.2014 | tell me about a place

#magazziniricordati (literally remebrance warehouses) will be the tag we’ll use to describe not just the role i Magazzini Raccordati (literally connected warehouses) played in the past, but also how today they are an opportunity to become something different.

#exploration, #activation, #interference, #disconnection, #distorsion are some of the keywords issued from the place’s experience.

ideas #incubator will be one of the possible #memorystore, a metaphor of the new relationship between the place and its user.

it’s a matter of ideas from LA.BO.works on Vimeo
project by Chiara Namias , Irene Nembrini, Marco Paris 
music Monsters Inc. dalla colonna sonora del film Monsters & Co
com’è bella la città from LA.BO.works on Vimeo.
project by Francesca Patrini, Cecilia Picello, Laura Riva
music “com’è bella la città” di Giorgio Gaber


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