11.02.2015 | the final cut


Wednesday, February 11, 2015, starting at 13:00, the students of Laboratorio di Metaprogetto MEMORYStore, of Scuola del Design del Politecnico di Milano, will present their projects in an event that will take place in Viale Brianza Tunnel in Milan (access from via Ferrante Aporti).

16 real scale installations will tell of an intense experience lasted six months during those students have explored, documented, rethought the abandoned spaces of Milano Centrale railway station, trying to rediscover the history of places and people. Starting from the memory, the young designers tried to imagine the future of these places.

Through a close cooperation with the city institutions, local shopkeepers and residents associations, students suggested to set-up new activities within the spaces, proposing business models or alternative uses of the tunnels and warehouses which have been redesigned according to the new functions.

The railway tunnels at street level, in the past used to transport goods, are converted into a covered park which serves as a connective space for all other activities inside #magazziniricordati: areas for sports activities, open kitchens for all the neighborhood, places for entertainment, spaces for working or reading, hydroponic cultivation, markets which sell food from around the world.

The #magazziniricordati become again a place of intense city life, exchanges and sharing.

Don’t miss “MEMORYstore, the final cut”, it’s not only the presentation of the results of the students’ works but a real opportunity to raise awareness and involve those who don’t know the area and the problems related to the lack of use of an asset so valuable to our city!

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