Edible Futures | coronavirus + research

Despite the Coronavirus spreading in Italy, we thought to make a start anyway recording few videos to start working on our schedule and trying to make the most of our time by letting our young designers starting working at the individual research part of the course.

To prompt the design decisions, the students needed to research what Edible Future might mean, exploring three different main research streams:

A/ Food Politics

B/ Food Cultures 

C/ Food Futures 

From the research they gathered information to underpin the ideas for their design project in order to start investigating the given site, producing evidence of these investigations. 

Both the site analysis and the thematic research aim at providing the framework for the design proposal. The students are working towards the production of a series of outcomes that explore narratives, qualities and materiality in relation to their research, also identifying case studies of Edible Futures spaces.

At the same time, the Adaptive Reuse aspect of a continuous reinvention has been investigated, challenging the existing architectural fabric and context, in order to come up with new ideas to re-use existing spaces and to put forward the students’ interpretation to meet the user’s needs and desires – going through tools and strategies for adapting buildings. 

See the students’ works here

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