09.07.2013 | fabSTORE show

We had in mind to design a fabSTORE, a special place where the makers, the neighborhood, the design community will meet to participate to a project, to fix something, to sell or buy personal design. We have now four of them, designed by four teams for the master I.D.E.A in Exhibition Design @ Politecnico di Milano.

According to the topic, the designs have been presented through a tumblr that you can browse for more details.

Bianca Figurelli and Aline Magalhaes have worked on the idea of different density coming from the city functions (more commercial) going towards the park-aside-labs (more creative). A walk through layers in which geometrical structures organize specialized spaces. Couldn’t miss the ‘avenida’, a fourth space leading to the park. For Fablab QT8 visibility is not just for the people passing by but even for satellites with the bright yellow shouting the new spaces.


tumblr_mpnh9gGvHc1sv71i2o1_1280      tumblr_mpnh6qEELp1sv71i2o1_1280       tumblr_mpnh4qX9nJ1sv71i2o1_1280 

Erica Ghizzi and  Elettra Salvestrini  drift us in a surrealistic and ironic environment thanks to the great attendance of trans generational cartoons.  YouT8_UrbanLAB strictly develops for the core lab, where ray-radius-spider legs carry and distribute all the working devices; unformal spaces devided by pilasters are imagined both for the market and the fair in a always changing space in which the setting up is prodiced by the lab.



tumblr_mpmyy9EKVZ1su2e32o2_r1_1280             tumblr_mpn183dgJE1su2e32o2_1280            tumblr_mpn12hX36a1su2e32o2_1280

Flavia Chiavaroli and Anna Tadini‘s mi fab store is a real, efficient and clever circuit in which conceptually and phisically energy from the core-lab is distributed to the different hierarchical spaces; networks, communication and  openness are the keyword that are very clearly readable into the single details of the design process and results.


 tumblr_mpl4a3yBv91sv71hpo1_1280      tumblr_mpl6hp5hFh1sv71hpo1_1280       tumblr_mpl6gtPnLx1sv71hpo1_1280 

Alessandra Mosele and  Maria Teresa Reccia for other store imagined a quiet abstract space, with white soft textile, fluid spaces, and a ghost atmosphere. The formal inspiration comes form molecolar shapes, distinctive elements that characterize the differents spaces

.tumblr_mpmcn2VmEr1sv71j7o1_1280 (1)                 

tumblr_mpmdadoGQ51sv71j7o1_1280            tumblr_mpmd9fpm121sv71j7o1_1280           tumblr_mpmdfkL1HC1sv71j7o1_1280

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