CITYzenship performing @ Magazzini Raccordati

#CITYzenship has been performed by the students of Interior Design of the Scuola del Design, Politecnico di Milano on a rainy Friday afternoon in the Magazzini Raccordati area as the final act of the workshop organized by Graeme Brooker (Middlesex University, London) with Laura Galluzzo (Politecnico di Milano). The keywords to work to the (new) #CITYzenship concept were #migration #utopia #territories #home #food #identity #market #inhabitant and #borders. Thank once again also to the citizens and the associations that partecipating spared us troubles for occupying streets and boardwalks!

IMG_20141128_154646IMG_20141128_155128 IMG_20141128_154536 (1)IMG_20141128_160010 IMG_20141128_160606 IMG_20141128_163718 IMG_20141128_164650 IMG_20141128_164904 IMG_20141128_170024 IMG_20141128_174505 IMG_20141128_171325_1IMG_20141128_161047



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