IDEAstore|#magazziniricordati 2.0

The Xth edition of the Maser in Exhibition Design by IDEA, Associazione Italiana Exhibition Designers and Poli.Design host IDEAstore|#magaziniricordati 2.0.

After last semester’s success of #memorystore we’ve been set a different brief for the master designers. The idea is to insert scheduling as a strategic part of the design process. Intervention for such a big heritage, both in terms of  meaning and scale, need an accurate study in terms of feasibility and sustainability.

Pages from 150524-brief

Three main topics has been set (food, sport, utility) and a five years timeframe in which the designers had to place the three different stages of the design, the idea store, the pilot and the consolidation phase.

For the #food topic we present pepito (Beniamino Roy Naim, Federica Radice, Giulia Nelli) and doeat (Ilaria Iannelli, Dariia Maksimova, Veronica Valentini). Pepito is a library and a spice shop that becomes spice shop and cooking lab and a restaurant in its consolidation phase.


Pepito|layout poster for the spice shop (pilot phase)

doeat focusses on the handmade food, on the tradition , on the quality of the ingredients and on the cooking process designing three stages hosting markets, labs and shops with different function percentage in each one.


Doeat|layout of the food market with details of the tablecloth floor decoration

#sport topic has been centred on bicycle and rollerskating. Bruno (Gaia Brambilla, Anna Chiara Mauri, Federica Muollo, Costanza Però), that borrow the name from the kid of Ladri Di Biciclette, design an accessorised bicycle parking, a special mechanic workshop and a cycling bar.

Pages from pres_bruno

Bruno|drive through bycicle workshop


Roll-in (Lorena Aybar, Vittoria Tagini, Clementina Grandi) starts from a skate-rink, develops into a skate school to end into a skate shop.



Roll-in|the skater’s shop

The #utility topic works on two different projects, one dedicated to kids and the other one on reading and writing. Beok design three different spaces starting with the main one that is a library for emerging writers; pilot phase is a full publishing service to develop into a creative writing school.


Beok|view of the library devoted to emerging writers

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 14.53.29

NouNou|elevation of the clothing shop

Nou Nou‘s idea store is an indoor playground, a game swap shop and a clothing shop.

Strategy, timing and a collaborative idea of the design process able to involve the local community to tests ideas in order to develop them into real necessities.

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