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CITYzenship performing @ Magazzini Raccordati

#CITYzenship has been performed by the students of Interior Design of the Scuola del Design, Politecnico di Milano on a rainy Friday afternoon in the Magazzini Raccordati area as the final act of the workshop organized by Graeme Brooker (Middlesex … Continue reading

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05.11.2014 | calendar

VISITA – Memoriale della Shoah 10:30 – 11:45 Ritrovo davanti al Memoriale alle 10.15 REVISIONI 12:30 – 19:00 Le revisioni verranno fatte in macro-gruppi che verranno stabiliti per tipologia di progetto in aula insieme alla docenza. Per fare revisione è … Continue reading

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22.10.2014 | tell me about a place

#magazziniricordati (literally remebrance warehouses) will be the tag we’ll use to describe not just the role i Magazzini Raccordati (literally connected warehouses) played in the past, but also how today they are an opportunity to become something different. #exploration, #activation, #interference, #disconnection, #distorsion are some of the keywords issued … Continue reading

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15.10.2014 | switch point of view

This week we went back to the Magazzini Raccordati together with Allegra Martin, a talented photographer with a background as architect. Allegra helped us to switch point of view while looking at: Siamo tornati ai Magazzini Raccordati insieme ad Allegra … Continue reading

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MEMORY STORE a good beginning..

Last Wednesday we started working on #magazziniricordati, the #memorystore concept that will engage us for the semester. Mercoledì scorso abbiamo iniziato a lavorare ai #magazziniricordati, il tema del #memorystore che ci accompagnerà per tutto il prossimo semestre. To start deeply understand the place we … Continue reading

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busy days|(nearly) ready to go

Starting tomorrow will be very busy  being involved in many exciting new projects. The MetaDesign Course will deal with an historical area of Milano that in the last years has been forsaken, waiting for a new project and visions that the young designers … Continue reading

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10.07.2014 | MuMI_store well done!

MuMi_Store a place for promote and spread culture and  economically support museums. This is the topic of the Workshop Retail of the 7th edition of the Master  IDEA in Exhibition Design – Architettura dell’esporre that has been presented last week. Each group has a specific blog where you can … Continue reading

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